Waste Labs

Waste Labs is an AI-enabled data analytics platform to map out waste flows, design new collection systems, and optimise existing waste logistics profitability.


Problem: The sustainability goals of the circular economy depend on the ability to build and operate robust and efficient waste collection systems. Waste collection is massive, expensive but low profitable for its service provider. Yet its planning is very manualand countries worldwide overspend 20-35 billion USD per year on waste collection costs.

Unique Value Proposition: We build a SaaS platform that bridges the Sales and Operations of waste collection and improves the overall profitability of the waste logistics by up to 20%.  The platform is built on two core waste-specific technologies that allow us to find and structure waste data and recommend the most efficient ways to collect this waste. The AI has been built over 12+ years of R&D of our CTO.

Achievements: We launched Waste Labs in April 2020 during the pandemic in Singapore. Today we serve the 5 largest waste collection and recycling providers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the UK. We have a strong team of 6. The core team is from the waste industry. We are backed by Entrepreneur First and Fund4Se venture firms and several strategic angels.

Program themes:

Circular Economy & Waste Reduction

Team members:

Vladimir Chuchkin

CEO & Co-founder

    Elias Willemse

    CTO & Co-founder