Synectify provides carbon neutral computing services by deploying modular data-centers at the site of renewable power generation and consuming the surplus energy.


Problem: We help energy producers address grid volatility, stranded power, and the impact of intermittent renewables on baseload. We do this by providing a high-density, highly-responsive, modular, scalable, baseload computing solution.

Unique Value Proposition: Optimise revenue from baseload, stranded, and surplus renewable generation.


  • Selection by the National University of Singapore's Deep Tech incubator
  • Patent progressing to PCT-phase (April, 2021)
  • Pilot signed with Drone Energy (infrastructure partner) for a behind-the-meter, carbon-offset, computational baseload in New York, USA

Program themes:

Energy Efficiency

Team members:

Dr Peter Finn

Co-founder & CEO

    Jonathan Kochmer

    Co-founder & CTO

      Dr Echo Lei Wang

      Co-founder & CSO