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SWAT Mobility

SWAT Mobility algorithms quickly compute efficient shared rides, directs vehicles and their drivers, and ensures passengers reach their destinations quickly


Problem: SWAT Mobility uses our software to help reduce the number of vehicles required in a transportation service and the overall driven mileage, thereby reducing carbon emissions which helps to lower an organisation’s carbon footprint and contributes to less pollution. This is in line with helping organisations reduce GHG Scope 3 Emissions - the Indirect Emissions that occur in a company’s value chain such as Employee Transport.

Unique Value Proposition: Our core algorithms are ranked among the best in global benchmarks for moving the most number of people with the least number of vehicles, in the shortest possible time. We are able to reduce the number of vehicles required in a service by pooling passengers together efficiently using our technology. Our algorithms also optimise routes and the usage of vehicles, thereby reducing dead mileage in a transportation service. Overall, our solutions help to reduce the level of C02e emissions from transportation services.

Achievements: Our technology has reduced the number of required vehicles in employee transportation for companies such as J:COM in Japan, SATS in Singapore and KMC in the Philippines. As part of our transport solution, we enable our customers to take a more data-driven approach by providing reliable and accurate tools to quantify, track and report vehicle utilisation and the resulting emissions. In areas of public transportation, our on-demand buses solve mobility challenges in rural areas and increase accessibility to transport for local people. For instance, in Japan, our on-demand buses in Niigata help promote social inclusion by making it easier for the elderly to book and get onboard the public buses.

Program themes:

Future of Mobility

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Grace Ho


    Li Jun Ang

    Marketing Executive

      Reuben Gan

      Business & Data Analyst

        Sim Bing Yang

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          Patrick Qu

          Analytics Team Lead