Startup Profile

Scorpio Electric

Scorpio Electric is a smart electric motorcycle manufacturer with a last-mile transport solution for commercial purposes


Problem: We need a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel for a sustainable future.

Scorpio Electric: By building an electric motorcycle that combines design, performance and technology, we are poised to be the lifestyle choice for the next generation of motorcyclists.

Project Libra: By providing an integrated turnkey solution, we will drive efficiency amongst last mile transportation stakeholders.

Unique Value Proposition: Scorpio Electric: We combine world-class design, best-in-category performance and innovative technology all in one - the Scorpio X. By manufacturing in Singapore, we are building a high quality product that the most discerning global customers would appreciate.

Project Libra: We will develop and deploy an integrated last mile transportation solution for commercial purposes, that is advanced in technology, of high quality and easy to use.


  • Nov 2019 - SFF X SWITCH 2019 - Product design reveal with PM Lee Hsien Loong at trade fair
  • Nov 2020 – Completion of our first engineering prototype
  • Jul 2021 – MOU with SMRT and partnership with ARTC

Program themes:

Future of Mobility

Team members:

Julian Legazpi


    Eileen Tan

    Marketing & Communications Manager

      Joshua Goh


        Muhammad Taureza


          Tham Kwang Sheun