RushOwl is a mass transit network offering on-demand shuttle services powered by AI and dynamic routing


With RushOwl, we partner with fleet owners, smart cities and even governments to activate smart transportation networks in terms of passenger transportation and logistics services. We enable land transport vehicles to become on-demand, shared and dynamically routed.

We live and breathe transportation data, where we constantly work with our stakeholders to adopt a data-first approach to create innovative transportation products.

RushOwl’s clients include smart city operators such as JTC, SMRT, HDT Singapore (subsidiary of BYD).  We offer a full suite of services to help our clients with: i) Service Design and Planning ii) Technology Deployment iii) Launch Support iv) Data analysis and Monitoring v) Operational Training vi) Performance Optimization. 

Our transport technologies span across a diverse range of use cases, including on-demand vehicle deployment from region-to-region, first-mile-last-mile (FMLM) deployment of vehicular assets, corporate employee transportation, midnight transportation and dynamic-routing and smart allocation services for delivery services.

RushOwl has an unfair advantage where we work with more than 40% of the commercial fleet operators in Singapore in our first 2 operating years, and we are the leading on-demand buspooling company in Singapore. We intend to leverage on this trend to consolidate and aggregate supply of the fragmented private transportation market in Southeast Asia to quickly set up Southeast Asia's first digital transportation network, where passengers no longer rely on their governments to set up hefty public transportation infrastructures.

Program themes:

Future of Mobility

Team members:

Shin Ng

Co-founder & CEO

    Tawfiq Hope

    Business Development Executive