ReActo offers a sustainable solution for hard-to-treat wastewater that focuses on complete decomposition of Persistent Organic Pollutants on-site with no sludge or waste to landfill.


Problem: Each year, 70B tons of industrial wastewater full of toxic non-biodegradable persistent organic pollutants (POPs), is either incinerated or improperly treated and released into the environment, where these POPs accumulate through the biological chain and pose serious health hazards to humankind and our ecosystem.

Unique Value Proposition: Our patented solution integrates two disruptive technologies in Environmental Engineering and Advanced Materials creating a breakthrough process that completely decomposes these pollutants, cost-effectively. It works on-site and, it does not leave any residues: it enables companies to safely discharge their wastewater to the environment, save up to 50% of the treatment costs and minimizing the waste-to-landfill.


  • Technology Scaled-up more than 100x from the first lab prototype. 
  • 2 signed letters of interest to build a pilot system. 
  • 2 signed NDAs with potential customers.

Program themes:

Circular Economy & Waste Reduction

Team members:

Dr Massimo Spina


    Dr Jianxiong Xu