Quasset provides innovations for asset integrity management. Our goal is not to just provide gradual improvements but to innovate new ways of approaching industry challenges. We have created step-change solutions managing asset integrity by using digital workflow tools. Our portfolio includes mixed reality, digital workflows, 3D digital twins and business intelligence tools.


Problem: Asset integrity management is a complex challenge. Owners and managers need to maximize asset performance while maintaining asset integrity (preventing asset failure) in a cost-effective manner. Moreover nowadays, the world increasingly focused on the energy transition, companies are scrambling to keep up with rapid growth in new asset classes.  

Unique Value Proposition: Quasset has deep understanding in Asset Integrity Management. We know & believe that digitalization in asset integrity management is key. By using our in-depth understanding of asset integrity and ability to architect solutions, we are facilitating step change in how companies manage their physical assets (safer, more efficient, more uptime, lower carbon footprint) by means of digital tooling applications.

  • In-house software development team for cloud based solutions
  • Trusted and delivered 100+ innovation projects around In-field digital tooling, process design & improvement  
  • Proven track record on time & within budget.
  • Large global network, and close collaboration with energy majors.
  • Solutions for Clean Energy, Petrochemical Industry, Public Infrastructure


  • Pioneered the deployment of Mixed Reality applications to help Inspection team in O&G major company (HoloGrid)
  • Pioneered connecting real time collaboration to cloud based workflow management (HoloInspect/4DConnect)
  • We founded and are managing The SPRINT Robotics Collaborative, a global not-for-profit organization to accelerate deployment of Inspection & Maintenance Robotics across industries, with 100 members. This provides us with an unrivalled global network, with asset operators in the energy sector, as well as technology companies and services providers.

Program themes:

Energy Efficiency

Team members:

Tjibbe Bouma

CEO, PhD, AIM, NDE, Quasset B.V.

    Jason Donavan

    Intl. Project Manager, Quasset

      Ferdinand Urbanos

      CFO & GM, Quasset Philippines

        Luc Stakenborg

        COO & Lead Digital Team, Quasset B.V.