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PNP Technologies

PNP Technologies delivers lead time assurance and savings to the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) supply chain through on-demand biofuel blending and distribution, directly or near airports.



The aviation sector accounts for massive carbon footprint, and drop-in SAF blends will be the most viable way to reduce aviation emissions until 2040. However, SAF’s offtake is still low. 2 main challenges have to be addressed to speed-up the economics of SAF adoption: 

Problem Statements: i. Supply chain and global availability of SAF conversion technologies. ii. Biofuel feedstock and its conversion process.

Unique value proposition:

With PNP’s remodelled supply chain, we can enable wider options of SAF blends at more airports - with ready accessibility, just-in-time delivery, and reduced implementation cost on the SAF supply chain.

Our unique value proposition is the flexibility to deploy and scale-up speedily, directly where aircrafts are being refuelled, providing just-in-time SAF blends, directly on-site and on-demand.

Our competitive advantage brings forth the reduction in the cost of adoption, with zero CAPEX required to construct new greenfield or brownfield projects, resulting in more savings realized. Instead, we tie-in with existing fuel storage facilities, manage the blend operations and certification to ASTM standards. Based on a pay-per-use model, the end result is a seamless SAF delivery process to airlines operations.

Achievements: With our first POC delivered in 2019, we turned profitable in 2020, and are positioning ourselves well to support energy transition projects and biofuel blends post-2021.  To date, we are honoured and humbled to have supported various global projects today – with 11 projects completed, 37 projects supporting and 24 ongoing joint innovation projects.

Program themes:

New Fuels & Power

Team members:

Jonathan Yeo

Co-founder & CEO

    Genevieve Toh

    Co-founder & CMO

      Ng Joe Wee

      Co-Founder & CTO