Green Li-ion

Green Li-ion solves the existential risk to the precious metals industry and the environment. Our patented deep technology is Cleaner, Faster and 4x more profitable than current Lithium-Ion Battery recycling and the only technology to fully Rejuvenate the battery cathode.


Problem: For two decades Lithium-Ion batteries have been our preferred source of portable energy, but the sad reality is that with a lifespan of only 1 - 3 years with 95% ending up in dangerous landfill. The precious metals used to manufacture them are often mined in socially and environmentally damaging ways. The reason they are not recycled is that it is simply not economical to do so with current technology. 

Unique Value Proposition: Battery recycling technology that has zero toxic discharge with 8 times less carbon footprint than competitors and produces pure battery grade cathodes materials with no pre-sorting, 10 times faster. Also process pure precious metal which increases 4 times more profit per ton.


  • Year 2021, 2 machines delivered and 5 on order from clients. 
  • 8 prospective clients in the pipeline.
  • 5 patents.
  • 3.45M funding

Program themes:

Circular Economy & Waste Reduction

Team members:

Theresa Poh

Office Manager

    Leon Farrant

    Co-founder & CEO

      Stephen Gow

      GM Commercial