Green COP

Green COP's patented pre-treatment formulation and fermentation process allows bio-wastes to be converted to bio-fuel and other bio-resources. This method is non-toxic and no secondary waste is generated.


Problem: Biowaste products from agriculture are discarded causing pollution and wastage.

Unique value proposition: End-to-end solution for upcycling bio-waste into bio-fuels and other valuable products. No secondary waste product with biomass being 99% digested through aerobic fermentation. High efficiency and non-energy intensive. Can be incorporated into existing bioprocessing.

Achievements: 1. Secured NUS investment, with hands-on mentorship to grow the company 2. In talks with Towngas and Wilmar for onsite deployment (delayed due to travel restrictions). 3. Have 3 patents for the technology.

Program themes:

New Fuels & Power

Team members:

Hanson Lee


    Kang Chui Jia

    Marketing Lead

      Low Wang Chang


        Sng Yee Ching

        Sales and Business Lead