AntePlastics patented molecular recycling process closes the loop in plastic recycling with plastic being brought back to its original monomers with zero deterioration


Problem: Plastic recycling methods have existing since 1972, however existing processes are not able to turn plastic waste into infinitely reusable resources and the economics behind them don’t make sense for sustainable business.

Unique Value Proposition: We have a patented molecular recycling method that’s greener, more efficient and more profitable than many other plastic recycling technologies. Our solution is a reactor machine that breaks plastic waste back down to the original building block monomers,which can be used again and again to produce virgin plastics without a drop in quality.

Achievements: - Proven solution in lab and outside lab in small scale. - Patent for our molecular recycling method.  - Part of SOSV HAX and Entrepreneur First.

Program themes:

Circular Economy & Waste Reduction

Team members:

Sofia Bensily

Co-founder & CEO