Startup Profile

Aegis Packaging

Aegis Packaging makes sustainable packaging viable through a patented coating solution that replaces multi-material flexible packaging with recyclable high barrier mono-material packaging that is fully recyclable and can improve shelf life by 30-50%.



Sustainable packaging is not yet viable with existing multi-material packaging not being easily recyclable and sustainable packaging alternatives lack the proper barrier required.

Unique Value Proposition:

A superior plastic coating solution for mono-material plastic packaging that improves shelf life by 30-50% and low cost. It has a 5000x oxygen transfer rate improvement compared to mono-material plastic with no coating. The water-based coating solution is patented.


  • More than 40 paid pilot trials with international converters and Brand owners 
  • Grand Finalist in the 2021 Liveability Challenge
  • Engaged with 4 distributors globally
  • Co-marketing PE based mono-material packaging with Global Resin Producer 
  • Commercially ready with 250 tonnes of O2X ™,  which coats around 50 million square meters of plastic films.

Program themes:

Circular Economy & Waste Reduction

Team members:

Ong Kai Liang

Business Developer

    Ong Boon Chuan


      Dr Looi Hong Cheong